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Pet Care Christmas Walk

Risen Star Kennel is open 7 days a week 8am to 5pm for boarding or grooming available as well.

Large parking lot pickup your pet for boating hiking, and back to the kennel. We are the largest in the area and closest to the casinos. Risen Star Kennel has been in business for 15 years same owners. Sizes range from 4ft by 4ft, 4ft by 6ft, 6ft by 12ft those are the areas they sleep in. The inside exercise areas are 20 by 10ft and we have several of them. Outside we have several super large exercise areas and daytime play areas if weather permits. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and we would like for you to see for yourself. What other kennel offers you so many options of 7 days a week open and so so much space. Risen Star kennel also offers grooming day care vaccinations if needed no rabies shots.  We care for all pets so you can know your pets are in good hands.
Risen star kennel offers tours for you and your pets. It is recommended that the pets be vaccinated at least 10 days before being exposed to parks, dog shows or boarding facilities.  Risen star kennel pet boarding facility disinfects the gravel and sand daily. Dog exercise areas are the dogs personal space to use as needed first thing in the morning 5am. Risen star kennel staff are using the individual outside exercise runs which allows the staff to get up to 26 pets out of their sleeping beds and allowed to relieve themselves outside in their private area before they have an accident in their beds . Can you imagine how long the pets would have to wait their turn to walk by hand this really makes a difference for the pets. The dogs love it being outside when the weather is nice. We are the only dog boarding facility that has both inside and outside areas to use the bathroon in their private inside areas. We have several for hot and cold outside conditions. We are open 7 days a week and have 7 people working for us. Please come by to see our dog boarding facility across from the casinos 985 airpark dr bullhead city az 86429 next to the airport tower. 

Long Term Boarding Shared Spaces

We have been in business 2001 to present. We have a large data base with several thousand customers and many have several dogs.

 We have kept pets whose owners were in the hospital for weeks. Some needed months to recover and their pets stayed with us. Shared spaces is popular for owners who want their pets kept together at all times in a very large kennel.

Services Offered Boarding Grooming Day Care

Risen Star kennel is the closest kennel to the casinos and next to the airport tower.

  • The groomer is available to pamper and groom your pet before he or she goes home during a boarding visit.

 We start the first walk with the dogs at 5am to their private outside kennel with a roof on top for any escape artist. The big dogs stay outside for one hour while their rooms are being washed with soap water and mopped dry and dry clean bedding waiting for their return as well as their breakfast.

The next walk outside 4 hrs after their breakfast small dogs stay inside bathrooms unless 65 to 75 outside in the landscape shaded areas. This will help the dogs go to the bathrooms again to pee and poop which is picked up after each walk. The dogs are fed again at 2pm and taken out again after they eat this meal. At 4pm we start bringing them back inside and ready them for bed. 

Then it all starts over again at 5 am.

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Risen Star Kennel

985 Airpark Dr, Bullhead City, AZ 86429, US



Open 7 days a week 8am to 5pm